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Imagine having an automated Internet business generating income for you 24 hours per day?

Each morning when you wake up you check your email and you have messages informing you of fresh cash waiting for you.

Sounds good doesn't it? This is exactly what I have; I have many websites that are seen by over 5 million people per year. Its taken me 7 years of web development to reach this stage. I can give you a huge head start by letting you use my existing websites to start your business.

GDI (Global Domains International) is just a part of my website network. I earn affiliate commission from them for each new sign up who buys a domain name and hosting. You may have arrived at this page as you already know about GDI or you may be new. People new to GDI should read the PDF ebook on this page (lower right).

In the right hands or with the right help GDI is a simple way to make cash every single month. Once up and running it's like having a machine that prints $1 bills automatically, all day long. Believe me, it soon adds up to a nice stack of cash!

The truth about GDI

The more you look at GDI and other people promoting the concept you get mixed reviews. Some people say that it doesn't work, some say they make millions. The reality is both of these people are very likely not giving you the correct message. Most people will fail with GDI as you need to have great sales skills, powerful marketing methods and first class website design skills. The number of people with all these skills is low.

Why are my GDI templates free to use?

In business one of the best rules you can learn is to copy what works. There is little point spending years finding a solution when you can just take someone else's ideas! You may call that stealing but I'm giving you access to all my GDI sites and sales tools to help you grow. Why, no one gives things away for free I hear you say! I will make some GDI sales commission now and again but most importantly I make some sales income from my GDI ebook. I can help you get started in online business and it also helps me grow my income. In fact the more I help you, the better I do! So what can I do to help you?

How to win at GDI

GDI is all down to your sales message. If you tell people they could make $1 a year from your idea and you tell 1 million people, you might get 10 people who are interested. If you tell people they could make $10,000 a year from your idea then you might get 50,000 people interested. The lesson here is the better your sales message the more people will join you. It's more complex than just saying you will earn lots of cash, as you need to prove it, people will not believe you! The real power is then getting other people to repeat your sales message. This is exactly what I do with this site, my GDI template sites and my ebook. People fail at GDI because their sales message is weak, they don't tell enough people and they don't have a way to repeat the success they get. However, a strong sales message, a huge crowd of people and a repeatable business model and you are going to win! Your dream of email cash alerts every morning will be a reality.

My offer

When I joined GDI several years ago I wrote an ebook about GDI, it was called the "GDI Starter Kit". What surprised me was the ebook was far more popular than anything else I had ever written. I get emails from people saying the ebook is great; it really gave them the knowledge to win with GDI. So I changed my business model in March 2010 to base it around the popular ebook.

You can use any of my GDI templates on this page for free (100% no strings attached). They will help you earn a regular monthly income. However if you want to explode you income potential then for $75 you can become me! Really! I know it sounds crazy but I can make my GDI ebook look like you wrote it, I can make this site look like you own it. Most importantly with your custom version of my GDI ebook you can grow your business faster and you earn $25 each time someone else wants to be me! In fact, the ebook may well earn you far more than GDI. You could already be reading a version of the site that is someone pretending to be me!

How it works

Grab a free copy of my ebook and read through it. It exposes all the secrets and "loop holes" to win at GDI. Sign up to GDI and use one of my free template sites. Pick the one you like the most. Then order a custom copy of the ebook you have just read. If you are already with GDI then you can still use my template sites and you can still order a custom ebook.

I will then make your unique version of the ebook with your GDI details. Every part of the ebook that references joining GDI will have your GDI username. All links from the ebook to this site will contain a tracking ID, this will automatically pay you $25 for each order. You can check your earnings on the site and I will pay your commission each month back to your Paypal account.

Once you have your GDI website running and your custom GDI ebook all you need to do is spread the word about your site and distribute as many copies of the ebook as possible. The strong sales message is handled for you and the business is simple to copy for the next person you introduce. You can become a winner to!

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